I was trying to read the DNS log file but was given an error of "WARNING input file does not exist", and it also depends on the directory that the file was in, here were the results. It appears that Windows was restricting the read permissions based on the residing (system?) directories, any idea?

On one server:
C:\Windows\System32\dns\dns.txt - Error
C:\dns.txt - No error
C:\Windows\Temp\dns.txt - No error

On a different server:
It produced error regardless which directory the log file is in.

nxlog.conf snip below:

define DNSLOGFILE 'c:\Windows\System32\dns\dns.txt'

<Input dnslog>
Module im_file
InputType LineBased
SavePos TRUE
ReadFromLast TRUE

Note, I have already turned on Loglevel DEBUG, which shows the file was blacklist'ed for retry, but only after it failed to read the file. I have also already read this thread (https://nxlog.co/question/920/input-file-does-not-exist) which was close but did not resolve my issue.

Thanks in advance.

AskedOctober 30, 2018 - 12:43am

Answers (2)

In the linked issue and associated ServerFault reponse, there was a mention of using "C:\\Windows\\Sysnative\\dhcp\\DhcpSrvLog-*.log".
see: https://serverfault.com/questions/581090/windows-2008-system-folder-permissions