Dear all,

I was wondering if there was IPv6 support in the latest nxlog-community edition release?
According to the Documentation (NXLog Community Edition Reference Manual) it seems IPv6 is supported.

IPv6 Address
An ip6addr type stores an IPv6 address in an internal format.

But according to my nxlog.log errors I see the following:

2020-09-08 15:59:00 INFO nxlog-ce-2.10.2150 started
2020-09-08 15:59:00 ERROR apr_sockaddr_info failed for :::515;Address family for hostname not supported
2020-09-08 16:00:49 ERROR invalid keyword: ListenAddr at /etc/nxlog.d/listener.conf:26

Can you confirm that IPv6 should theoretically be supported in 2.10.2150 ?
If so, what needs to be enabled in the config if used with im_tcp ?

If it's not supported (because currently only supported in the Enterprise Edition), are there any plans to include this also in the Community edition soon?

thanks and best regards,

AskedSeptember 10, 2020 - 2:24pm

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Yes, the latest CE supports IPv6. Would you mind sharing your conf file?



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    Hello Rafal,

    please find below the input section of my nxlog.conf for ipv4 and ipv6

    <Input in_syslog_tcp>
    ## default tcp receiver
    Module im_tcp
    Port 514
    Exec parse_syslog();
    Exec if not defined($SourceIP) $SourceIP=$MessageSourceAddress;\
    if not defined($type) $Type='SYSLOG/TCP';

    <Input in_syslog_ipv6>
    Module im_tcp
    Port 515
    Host 2001:9d0:2:11d::b931:b1e4
    Exec parse_syslog();
    Exec if not defined($SourceIP) $SourceIP=$MessageSourceAddress;\
    if not defined($type) $Type='SYSLOG/TCP';

    Would I also be able to have it listen on the ipv6-equivalent of .....would that be :: ?


Hello Mic,

I sincerely apologize, I was wrong about the ipv6 support in the CE - unfortunately, there's no such support yet.

It's also not in the features list of the upcoming release, therefore although it's planned - I wouldn't expect it will be available in the nearest future.

You're more than welcome to try the EE version to check if it works for you.