Hi Guy's,

We are using nxlog community to ship server logs to a lake,
powershell logs are collected on the server but we want to exclude shipping them,
after much googling i thought it would be as easy as adding this line to the conf:

Exec if ($SourceName == 'PowerShell (PowerShell)' drop();

This does not work, can any experts in NX out there advise?


AskedNovember 20, 2019 - 9:04am

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I would do something like...

Exec if $SourceName =~ /PowerShell (PowerShell)/ drop();

Obviously you want to place that as early as possible in the module, so no other processing gets done with events that are going to be dropped.

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    I have realized it does not work because of non-escaped parenthesis (they are reserved characters for PCRE).

    Please try...

    Exec if $SourceName =~ /PowerShell \(PowerShell\)/ drop();