Dear all,

I have a lot of text logs and I want to parse them with RegEx in NXlog comm.edition.

Somehow I figured out how to parse them but I dont know how to put them in variables in the config file.

In my example ; I parsed first 4 fields with regex like "date time ID product_code" and I have the regex statement.

01/29/2016  09:13:01.000000  1344 140334835169024     49  2          0  Target data state for connection 1 from ip:// : 1500 has changed because a mirror has been stopped.

What is the delimiter which is separating fields in regex ?

My regex code is ;


I want to do something like this in my conf file

thank you

 $Time = $1;\
                $CStatus = $2;\
                $Process = $3;\
                $Process_result = $4;\


AskedFebruary 8, 2016 - 2:40pm

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