NXLog Manager 5.4 Release Announcement

We are happy to announce that NXLog Manager v5.4.5227 is now available. A number of issues were fixed in this release:

  • im_wseventing module client certificate update not pushed to agent
  • Assigning agents to templates: the template selection shows a list of agents instead of templates
  • Agents disappear from view after executing action
  • Template links break after sorting the templates table
  • Double printed messages after actions executed from agent info page
  • Adding variables chart in UI does not display it
  • Reset certificate and keys fails with existing license in the database
  • Encryption key not updated on password change through "ADMIN/Users" page
  • Deleting a CA neglects to chek if templates are using the CA
  • Agent connection issues
  • xm_multiline module configuration directive inconsistency: Action used instead of Exec
  • Clone agent template and create agents error from the second page on
  • Restore backup fails with "JAXB unmarshalling exception"

Read the rest of the release notes and download the latest version of NXLog Manager here.

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