NXLog Enterprise Edition version 5.3 Release Announcement

We are happy to report, the next release of NXLog Enterprise Edition v5 is now available.

The version 5.3 fixes issues and brings news functionality. The most noteworthy improvements are summarized below.

  • im_pcap now supports parsing the IEC-61860 protocol
  • The http input and output modules can now do compression
  • The http input and output modules support NXLog's own binary format for structured log transmission
  • Added support for Apple Silicon M1 and macOS BigSur.
  • Improved the macOS Unified Logging System input module.
  • New output module called om_azure for sending data to Azure Log Analytics workspaces used by Microsoft Azure Sentinel and Azure Monitor.
  • Various improvements to observability in xm_admin

If you have feedback, would like to see additional improvements, reach out to us.

Download a fully functional trial version of NXLog Enterprise Edition 5.3 here.


* 2021-04-13 5.3.6720
    [2322] Implemented uid_to_name() and gid_to_name() cache
    [1576] Implemented native ULS logging module im_maculs for macOS
    [2930] Fixed flow control issue triggered by unused processor modules in the configuration
    [1665] Cleaned up pointers used for storing data
    [2986] Implement reconnect() procedure in network output modules
    [2781] Implement support for returning route and extension module information in xm_admin
    [3067] Fixed a crash bug in xm_admin triggered by unresolvable connection address
    [3071] Fixed a crash in xm_resolver
    [2550] Fixed a file corruption issue when compressed streams are used together with file rotation
    [3087] Fixed an assertion error in im_maculs triggered by calling module_restart() procedure
    [2952] Fixed memory leak in processor modules caused by nxlog starting with a full logqueue
    [3119] Fixed an assertion error in xm_resolver triggered by im_linuxaudit used with ResolveValues TRUE
    [3086] Fixed a valgrind reported uninitialized value in im_linuxaudit_connect()
    [2753] Implemented multiple input address support in network input modules
    [2827] Implemented failover support in xm_admin Connect mode operation
    [2869] Implemented NXLog Binary Protocol over HTTP in im/om_http
    [3098] Implemented correct timestamp scaling factor for Apple M1 CPU
    [3137] Fixed a crash triggered by a debug dump happening while nxlog is busy resolving domain names
    [3125] Fixed a bug in im_internal causing runaway CPU use even when not connected to a route
    [2406] Implemented IEC-61860 protocol parser in im_pcap
    [3149] Refactored int8_t into portable nx_int8_t because of platform differences
    [2983] Retired and removed UDS socket support from xm_admin
    [3133] Fixed a flow control error in im_systemd
    [2422] All modules and binaries are now stripped
    [3108] Fixed a memory leak in xm_multiline
    [3034] Fixed an assertion failure on permission denied in im_file
    [3037] Improved error message about FlushLimit deprecation
    [3023] Fixed error handling for error ORA-12514 in im_odbc
    [2702] Fixed pm_buffer error causing buffer_count() to always return 0
    [3014] Fixed a memory leak in xm_python
    [2955] Fixed an Windows specific im_tcp performance issue
    [3143] Fixed a segmentation fault triggered by low StringLimit
    [2995] Implemented om_sentinel for sending events to Microsoft Azure Sentinel
    [3153] Fixed a crash in om_raijin triggered by missing raw_event field
    [3151] Fixed a crash in om_http triggered by missing raw_event field
    [2673] Implement pushing executable files in xm_admin
    [3129] Fixed im_linuxaudit warnings about unknown field types
    [3027] Fixed file descriptor leak in im_maculs
    [3045] Fixed an error in xm_admin resulting in missing response body when prameter parsin fails
    [3075] Implemented TCP connection statistics in xm_admin
    [3136] Fixed "zlib compression error(0)" in om batchcompress with certain BufferSize values
    [2925] Implemented logging of response data on http errors in om_elasticsearch
    [3180] Implemented route and extension information in xm_admin's serverinfo response
    [3195] Fixed an error where SSL session was not started after TCP connection setup
    [2986] Implemented reconnect() procedure in network output modules
    [3199] Fixed "no space left on device" error when opening socket on Windows
    [3220] Implemented support for multiple listen addresses in network modules
    [3141] Changed im_redis to accept quoted string for Key directive
    [3235] Fixed date handling issues on Redhat 8
    [2667] Implemented multi-record JSON array output in om_http
    [3217] Fixed om_sentinel memory leak with Proxy directive
    [3080] Fixed multiple unkown data type errors in im_maculs
    [3237] Fixed an assertion caused by a large getlog call in xm_admin
    [3252] Fixed incorrect escaping in om_raijin
    [3232] Fixed a memory leak in xm_json
    [3240] Changed Redhat RPM to depend on specific Redhat version
    [2911] Changed macos package names to include CPU architecture
    [1341] Enabled direct upgrade from nxlog-ce and trial packages
    [3256] Set production name om_azure for the new Microsoft Azure Sentinel output module
    [3276] Fixed a udp module statistics related assertion error in xm_admin
    [1857] Implemented compression mode for http input and output modules
    [3262] Fixed a crash in im_wseventing
    [3269] Fixed an im_udp regression that broke xm_netflow

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