NXLog Enterprise Edition version 4.8 Release Announcement

Release announcement

We are happy to announce the release of NXLog Enterprise Edition v4.8

Our team has worked on and solved 58 issues to reach this milestone.

This release is mostly about minor functionality improvements and bug fixes. The highlights:

  • Dependency updates in generic packages
  • Support for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • om_kafka performance improvement

You can grab the packages from Downloads. Installation and upgrade instructions are available in the User Guide under the Deployment section for your platform/s.

See the changelog below.


* 2020-07-20 4.8.4811
   [2305] Updated the dependencies included in generic packages
   [2397] Fixed lax permissions set by Windows installer when installed in non-default location
   [2409] Fixed a memory leak in im_zmq triggered by large number of clients connecting
   [2560] Refactored xm_admin's errpr handling
   [1892] Synchronized librdkafka's "queue.buffering.max.messages" with our LogqueueSize directive
   [2454] Fixed a config parser error reading double quoted file paths on Windows
   [2604] Fixed an error causing "nxlog started" message to be skipped when Logfile is redefined and nxlog running in background
   [2568] Fixed packaging scripts on Solaris to cleanly stop nxlog on uninstall
   [2571] Fixed bogus error message when Include refers to a file in a non-existent directory
   [2576] Fixed escaping in om_raijin
   [2391] Changed im_etw "EventId" field name to "EventID" to match im_msvistalog
   [2852] Fixed locking in im_odbc when used with an empty SQLite file
   [2365] Fixed escaping in om_raijin
   [2512] Updated librdkafka to 1.4 on 32 bit Windows
   [2441] Updated librdkafka to 1.4 on 64 bit Windows
   [2419] Improved om_kafka performance by reducing the number of poll events
   [2420] Added support for Ubuntu 20.04
   [2403] Implemented automatic creation of registry entries on Windows Nano zip file install
   [2284] Improved the handling of <EventData> in im_msvistalog
   [2354] Implemented is_scanning() in im_fim for detecting a running scan
   [2385] Fixed configuration parsing to allow PatternFile to be single quoted
   [2378] Fixed an error in xm_leef causing an exception on Windows 2016
   [2320] Fixed assertion error in syslog_bsd()
   [1704] Fixed bogus warning about thread count
   [2326] Fixed error causing rapid reconnects in xm_admin
   [2300] Fixed error causing rapid reconnects in om_tcp
   [2276] Fixed error causing config parser to not count empty lines
   [2256] Added logging of client IP address in network module errors

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