syslog configuration in ce edition

#1 TomLpz


i am trying free alternatives for our old syslog software. Before investing a lot of time can you tell me if it is possible to realize the following syslog configuration?

If someone has a similar syslog cofiguration and can post an example config or give me some advice that would be really nice.

environment:Windows Server 2022NxLog CE 3.2.2329

syslog source:cisco asa

configuration:filename = [source/host IP]_YYYYMMDD_[idx].txt (idx = 001..\d\d\d)

automatic file rotation (max file index 250) when event time has another date than the last log file (day change) -> index starts at 001 againorfile gets bigger than 64M

after rotation moving file to (another) date folder "YYYYMMDD" (or compressing into an date archive file)

remarks:the file rotation / size splitting does not have to happen immediatelythe moving/compressing after creating new log file(s) does not have to happen immediately