NxLog rpm for SLES 12 - Community edition

#1 Praveen

Hello All,

We are using NxLog community edition for deployments and realized that there's no rpm available for SLES 12 (its does have for SLES 15). How can I get rpm for sles 12.? I can see the rpm available under Enterprise downloads. How to contact support to get this.?

Thank you

#2 NenadM Nxlog ✓

Hello Praveen,

I've tried to search the archive for the CE package that fits the SLES 12 systems but I'm afraid that it has never been planned or released. I'll check if there are any community developers/contributors that can build this package but I can't guarantee anything since this is an Open source project. The Enterprise edition is yet a different kind of software. The EE is a commercial version and is developed by a different team of Developers. The EE and the CE versions look similar but the products are not the same and it's not expected to have all the EE packages accompanied by the corresponding CE package.

Regarding the NXLog support services, please contact the Sales team first by clicking the Request a quote button on the following page: https://nxlog.co/products/nxlog-enterprise-edition