drop action to forwarding logs to a remote server is not working

#1 montealegre.diego@gmail.com

Good Afternoon Team.

I have a nxlog service running on a windows server. It has input rule to collect syslog from several devices like this:


<Input syslog514udp>Module im_udpPort 514Host<Exec> $raw_event =~ s/\r?\n/#012/g; parse_syslog_bsd();</Exec> </Input> 


I am trying to forward the syslog of one specific device ( to a public IP, but the filter is not working since nxlog is forwarding everything, configuration bellow:


<Output OutNetomi>Exec if ($MessageSourceAddress == ‘’) drop();Module  om_udpHost    514</Output>


Do you know where the error is? 

Thank you.


#2 alexander.lifanov@nxlog.org Nxlog ✓

$MessageSourceAddress returns a special datatype ipaddr, not a string:
So, equality comparison never matches.