Regression with symlinks in Linux

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I originally asked about symlinks in a thread, but was told that symlinks just didn't work. Pity. But I had a working config which worked around the issue. I'll reproduce the file structure here:

  |                /logs
  |                /etc....
  |                    /logs
  |                    /etc....
  |                      /logs
  |                      /etc....
  |-/tomcat-logs/onesite -> /opt/tomcat-onesite/logs
                /anothersite -> /opt/tomcat-anothersite/logs
                /somewhereelse -> /opt/tomcat-somewhereelse/logs
                /etc ....

Now, with nxlog-ce-2.9.x or 2.10.x, I could define a path of /opt/tomcat-logs/* and nxlog would start. It wouldn't read any symlinks under it but it would start. Now with any of the 3.x series, nxlog won't even start if there is a symlink directly in /opt/tomcat-logs. I can sort of get by with /opt/tomcat-logs/*/* in that particular case but it doesn't help with another part of the set of the setup where there are valid files in the equivalent or /opt/tomcat-logs at the same time. How or where can I report bugs or regressions?