Wildcard paths not working with symlinks?

#1 NickJH

We have a folder structure like:

  |                /logs
  |                /etc....
  |                    /logs
  |                    /etc....
  |                      /logs
  |                      /etc....
  |-/tomcat-logs/onesite -> /opt/tomcat-onesite/logs
                /anothersite -> /opt/tomcat-anothersite/logs
                /somewhereelse -> /opt/tomcat-somewhereelse/logs
                /etc ....

All folders directly under /opt/tomcat-logs are symlinks to the corresponding logs folder under each tomcat instance. We wanted to define a File of /opt/tomcat-logs/*.logwith Recursive   TRUE but nxlog-ce doesnt pick up anything. We also tried /opt/tomcat-logs/*/*.log but it seems like nxlog-ce is unable to follow a * symlink or recurse through a symlink. I have no problems with /opt/tomcat-logs/onesite/*.log which works OK. Is this a bug? Is there a reason it does not follow implicit symlinks but does follow them if named?

Note with further testing I have /opt/tomcat-*/logs/*.log working and this will do for now but I feel sure this is an error.

#2 b0ti Nxlog ✓

From the NXLog CE  the documentation:

Wildcards are supported in filenames only, directory names in the path cannot be wildcarded.