The fileop module of the NXLog service in NXLog Community Edition 2.10.2150 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (daemon crash) via a crafted Syslog payload to the Syslog service. This attack requires a specific configuration. Also, the name of the directory created must use a Syslog field. (For example, on Linux it is not possible to create a .. directory. On Windows, it is not possible to create a CON directory.)

Is there a fix available for this security vulnerability?


AskedJanuary 26, 2021 - 9:00am

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Is it possible for you to drop this issue here?

It will be much easier for everybody to track the development there.

Best regards, Arch

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    If you want more info or still have a questions it may worth to put them straight to this issue.
    But it's up to you how do you want to proceed with this.

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    Not a problem at all.
    Someone from development will review it and will do something, maybe close as duplicate with a link to an actual ticket.
    Anyway thank you for your attention.

    Sincerely, Arch