I transmitted IIS logs and message tracking logs from one server to the other through nxlog and saved it in a location.
After complete transmission I stopped the nxlog service.
I was able to understand that the transmission is complete and I downloaded the data and was working on it.
suddenly within 10 minutes few files are lost under IIS and message tracking.

I do not know the reason behind this. Is it really possible?
Can the data get lost after stopping the service? or something could have caused it?
I'm trying to find out the root cause. Pls help

AskedMay 10, 2019 - 4:40pm

Answer (1)

The short answer is NXLog will not remove files unless you tell it to. There is likely something else going on as stopping the service will simply pause any transmission occurring, it won't remove files.

Were the logs removed on the sender or receiver side? It would be useful to have the nxlog.conf file from the side that the logs disappeared on.