I use nxlog to send highly critical log (legal log). NXLog is configured to remove file after a specified retention time, to release space from drive.

My configuration works like a charm, but... If I deploy nxlog with this following configuration, nxlog remove all file older than my retention time but before the processing.

Every 1 hour Exec file_remove('%LOGFOLDER%', %RETENTIONTIME%);

How do you manage this removing process? Right now, I have to deploy nxlog without this schedule, wait for processing, stop nxlog, add schedule job to the configuration, restart nxlog.

Hope my case has not been already replied.

Thanks for your help :)

AskedNovember 16, 2017 - 3:25pm

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    It seems the answer was not so far...

    Here was my input: Module im_file File '%LOGFOLDER%' SavePos TRUE ReadFromLast TRUE

    By switching ReadFromLast to FALSE, nxlog read existing file before the deletion process.

    I hope this post will help other peoples :)

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