can a nxlog.conf reference other nxlog.conf files>>>please assist.

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Please advise...Thanks!

is it possible to have an nxlog.conf that references other nxlog.conf files.  For example,  If I have


could I have an nxlog.conf that imports them in a componentized or modular format

nxlog.conf would look something like:

import  iis.conf
import msevent.conf
import log4net.conf

I am trying to handle many different roles for servers at a big company..  Some servers just have log4net logs we want,  other servers we just want iis logs from and others iis logs and msevent logs..
There are lots of combinations.

I am looking for an easy way handle all the server roles....web server, app server, DB server etc.  Each server type is going have different
sets of logs processed and sent.  Nxlog is awesome...keep up the great work.  Thanks!

Best Regards,