New User - would love some assistance

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So im a brand new user to NXLog,  and NXlog are refusing to offer me any support unless i pay for it, which i feel is a little unfair given i have literraly just purchased 8 Enterprise Editon licenses . However i have got a config file which im working with. So far i have two problems


1 - The resulting log file is empty

2 - I am receiving the following errors

2024-03-05 14:31:28 ERROR [im_maculs|uls] Could not get proc_info, skipping log @ 48680

2024-03-05 14:31:28 WARNING [im_maculs|uls] Avoided padding for log ending @ 0xBE39



I am not sure on the best course of action here, or wether i need to upload the actual config file, if anybody can offer any help or guidnace at all it would be greatly appreciated. More than happy to prove more info if it helps