Send same Log to 2 Servers


Hi,  I can send the log to 1 Server only.  How do I send the same log to 2 server for just in case 1 got wipe out by ransomware

This is the configuration that work for #1 Server.  My #2 Server has different IP.   What is the proper way to do this?


<Extension _gelf>   Module      xm_gelf</Extension>

# Snare compatible example configuration# Collecting event log<Input in>    Module      im_msvistalog</Input># Sends Eevent in GELF format to Graylog Servers<Output out>    Module      om_udp    Host    Port        12201    OutputType  GELF</Output>

# # Connect input 'in' to output 'out'<Route 1>    Path        in => out</Route>