Seeking Assistance with NXLog Agent Installation aws ec2 linux instance

#1 siuolkl

Hi Experts,

I am reaching out to seek assistance with the installation of the NXLog Agent on my AWS EC2 Linux instance. I have encountered some challenges during the installation process and would greatly appreciate your guidance and support.

The AWS EC2 instance I am using is running Amazon Linux version 2023. Here are the details of my Linux distribution:- Name: Amazon Linux- Version: 2023- ID: amzn- ID_LIKE: fedora- Version_ID: 2023- PLATFORM_ID: platform:al2023- PRETTY_NAME: Amazon Linux 2023- ANSI_COLOR: 0;33- CPE_NAME: cpe:2.3:o:amazon:amazon_linux:2023- HOME_URL: []( BUG_REPORT_URL: []( SUPPORT_END: 2028-03-01

I kindly request your assistance in determining the correct RPM package I should download for this particular distribution and version of Linux.

is there any documentation or resources that I can refer to for guidance on the installation process.

Appreciate any help.


#2 gahorvath Nxlog ✓


We do not build NXLog Community Edition for Amazon Linux. It used to be pretty close to Redhat, so perhaps the Redhat package will work on it

The surefire way of supporting Amazon Linux is using NXLog Enterprise Edition, built and tested for Amazon Linux 2023 in addition to many other enterprise Linux distributions.