Multiple include.conf files cause a Warning in logs in version 5

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We recently upgraded our NXlog agents to version 5*, and have noticed the following warning in the logs on some servers:

2023-05-16 08:03:32 WARNING [CORE|main] not starting unused module logfile_IMAP42023-05-16 08:03:32 WARNING [CORE|main] not starting unused module logfile_POP3…

We figured out that this happens when we have more then one _include.conf file on top of the main nxlog.conf file. It seems that it reads one of them, and then spews out this warning for all the modules/inputs in the other include.conf files. This is a new behavior. We use the following syntax at the bottom of the main nxlog.conf file:

include  C:\\Program Files\\nxlog\\conf\\*_include.conf

It used to work till the upgrade to version 5. Anyone else has this issue?