Does the parser quit after not matching x amount of logs?

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I am having issues where when I try to parse a big file ~1500 lines the regexp doesn't find any lines that match and then eventually “gives up”. There is no ERROR log in the nxlog.log saying that it essentially stopped but it never writes anything to my output file. In the input file I have 6 lines that match my parser though.

if $raw_event =~ /srv_name="([^"]+).+?user_auth_entr="([^"]+)/
$event_type = 'VPN_SESSION_IP_ASSIGNED';
$version = 'v1';
$time = 'test';
$account = $2;
$account_domain = 'null';
$assigned_ip = 'null';
$source_ip = 'null';
$authentication_result = 'FAILURE';
$authentication_target = $1;

I was confused at first and thought there was an issue with my statement but it checks out. 


When I specifically grabbed only those 6 log lines that would match and ran the service against ONLY those logs, everything parsed and worked just fine giving my the 6 new log lines in my output file.

So this leads me to believe that the only reason it didn't work the first time is because the first time it actually matches those log lines is the 112th line. So my assumption is that it tries to process the incoming log lines against my regex and after so many not matching it just stops.


Can anyone confirm if this is accurate and if so, how can I increase the threshold and/or remove this dependency?