Average resource consumption of the Nxlog agent.

#1 gijosgun (Last updated )

Guys, does anyone know where I can get information on average resource consumption by the Nxlog CE agent?


James \0/

#2 gahorvath Nxlog ✓

Hello James,

An idle process will normally use about 10-30MB RAM and negligible amounts of CPU time.

This will change if many events are processed.

In general each input and output module and NXLog CE core will use a separate thread.

This means that a simple configuration is unlikely to eat more than 1 core fully and 2 more partially. What we see in general is that a fully loaded NXLog instance will utilize 1 core fully, and the other two significantly less so, resulting in ~150% CPU utilization.

As you add more modules, this too can change.

I am trying to dig up details on queue management as that's the main driver for memory utilization. I will be back with details as soon as I have them.