NXLog not picking up new files in watched directory


#1 abajosh

Hello all,

I have an application that sends log files to a directory formatted at YYYY-MM-DD.log (year, month, day). I'm watching the directory with the following stanza in the configuration file, but it does not recognize when the date changes and a new file is created. A service restart gets it reading the new file.

The configuration is as follows: <Input cvdupdate> Module im_file File "/var/log/cvdupdate/*.log" </Input>

I'm running NXLog on a Ubuntu 18.04 system. The version is 3.0.2272.

#2 gahorvath


I know I am late to the party. Looking at the configuration – the changes should be picked up w/o the restart.

im_file should recheck the directory contents every two seconds by default. This can be controlled by the DirCheckInterval directive, or indirectly by the PollInterval

It helps us a great deal if you can come up with a portable reproduction, manual or scripted.


Ref: https://docs.nxlog.co/ce/current/index.html#im_file