NXlog EE 5.6.7727 im_odcb module buggy when FreeTDS used on Debian11


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Hi all,

I think there might be a bug in the im_odbc module in the Linux (Debian11) im_odbc module for NXLog 5.6.7727 EE when used with the FreeTDS driver (via unixODBC) - so for example if you try to connect to MS SQL or Sybase databases.

Although all the drivers etc. were configured correctly (it was basically a copy from a system where it used to work) and connecting to the databases via ISQL worked fine, the Agent wasn't able to fetch logs and produced following errors in the nxlog.log:

INFO [im_odbc|inputxy] im_odbc successfully connected to the database WARNING [im_odbc|inputxy] im_odbc detected a disconnection, attempting to reconnect in 1200 seconds ERROR [im_odbc|inputxy] SQLDescribeParam failed, IM001:2:0:[unixODBC][Driver Manager]Driver does not support this function (odbc error code: -1)

I've tested multiple FreeTDS driver versions with multiple compile options - but none of them worked.

Finally I figured to try a different NXLog version, so I downloaded the NXLog Agent EE 4.10.5000 for debian10 and it worked out of the box with the standard FreeTDS driver from the Debian11 repo (v1.2.3) and unixODBC (2.3.6).
So my conclusion is that there is a bug in the 5.6 EE NXLog Agent Version regarding the im_odbc module when used with FreeTDS (at least for Debian 11).

So while using 4.10 as a fallback is nice, it would be great to use the newer 5.x versions in the future.

BR Reinhard

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