Split json record in multiple records?


#1 joost.bijl

I'm experimenting with reading from an Azure eventhub with `im_kafka`. The eventhub receives security data from various security related azure components.

The `im_kafka` module works great after i found out that the username should be $connectionstring ;). 

The output of the eventhub is a json dict with an array, like this: `{ records: [ {id: 1, msg: "xyz", etc},{id: 2, msg: "abc", etc}]}`. 

I tried to use `extract_json("$.records")` but that does not iterate over the array. 

I also made a python script that writes the logs to a file, one line at a time:

from confluent_kafka import Consumer import json c = Consumer({....})

while True: msg = c.poll(1.0)

eventhub_records = json.loads(msg.value())
for record in eventhub_records['records']:
This works great, but i'd like to have something like this in nxlog. Can this be done, or does nxlog not support to split a single record into multiple records?

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