High CPU and RAM Utilization

Have you noticed performance issues with the Windows Event log service when a log file size is set to a few GBs? I'm not sure if NXLog is a factor, but perhaps it may sometimes struggle with large event logs?

We have our security event log set to 4 GB size on all servers. I've noticed that there are high CPU and RAM utilization on 5 or 20 minute cycles. The process using the CPU is svchost EventLog. Derived from using Resource Monitor and running:

AskedJanuary 14, 2022 - 3:32pm

NXLog using 35-45% CPU on vCenter server

We installed version 2.10.2150 and are using the standard out of box config file to sent syslogs to clone. Anything we can do to reduce CPU consumption? Here is our config file but I have removed IP for our clone server:

Panic Soft
#NoFreeOnExit TRUE

define ROOT C:\Program Files (x86)\nxlog
define CERTDIR %ROOT%\cert
define CONFDIR %ROOT%\conf
define LOGDIR %ROOT%\data
define LOGFILE %LOGDIR%\nxlog.log

AskedSeptember 19, 2019 - 12:17am