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NXLog Uninstallation Issues via string
Hi guys, 

We have NXLog CE 3.0.2272 installed on a server which was originally installed by another user manually. We have tried uninstalling it via the uninstall string MsiExec.exe /X {xxxxx} via ConnectWise which appeared to have uninstalled ok. Since then, we have installed a newer CE version 3.1.2319 however after installation the nxlog service is non-existent. We suspect the uninstallation via string may have broken this. Several attempts using the original installer to repair or uninstall/reboots does not fix this. 

Is there a way we can start fresh to remove NXLog completely then install? Any help would be appreciated :)


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Load Balanced Output Config
<p>Trying to configure the NXLog forwarder to load balance it's output stream. I tried creating 2 output stanzas out1 and out2 with the appropriate IPs and then routed as Path&nbsp;&nbsp; eventlog =&gt; out1, out2.</p>

<p>This seemed to clone the output stream as logs were going to both receivers. What would be the proper way to tell NXLog to use one IP if available, else another IP?</p>

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xm_perl.dll is not present in extension directory
<p>I am trying to use the perl extension in Windows, but nxlog complains that it cannot find the xm_perl.dll. The complaint is correct, the file is not there. My question is why? Does the windows version not support using perl?</p>

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