Case studies

Top-Tier Public Sector Chose NXLog For Better Security Operations

The public sector and federal agencies are responsible for a wide range of sensitive data, varying from personal to classified information and no wonder that government institutions remain at the top of the most frequently attacked industries, along with healthcare and education.

Protecting government systems is a challenging task in itself. While having a complex infrastructure in place and housing large volumes of sensitive data, public organizations are less funded compared to commercial sectors, so they have small security teams and employ a mixture of outdated software, posing a challenge for modern security tools to be integrated with.

“In our environment, several cybersecurity areas would not be functioning without logging strategy and architecture: Forensics, Monitoring, Threat Hunting, Investigations, and Incident Response. Each of these areas employs distinct tools which bring unique requirements when it comes to log collection.” - Senior IT Security Analyst, The Customer’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer - “Some of the most notable features of NXLog for us are support for MS DNS (ETL trace), ability to integrate via uncommon channels (like Kafka and RabbitMQ), and powerful logs processing that helps to reduce logs traffic and save costs on security tools, licensed by EPS.”