Case studies

NXLog helps top-3 automotive financial services company to strengthen cybersecurity and achieve compliance

Financial services sector is subject to various global and local regulations (GDPR, PCI DSS, SOX, GLBA, etc.) that mandate safeguarding infrastructure and customer financial data. Cybercriminals may reap substantial profits from successful attacks on financial services companies, hence obtaining a detailed, precise, and upto-date perspective of all network activities is essential to fortify defenses against such threats.

Full-scale log collection and on-going analysis are essential components of well defined defense-in-depth strategy according to security standards and guidelines like from ISO, NIST or similar.

Financial Services companies depend on complex IT infrastructure and applications to manage financial data, fulfill customer requests, and carry out other essential business operations. Through analyzing and connecting log, metric, and trace data, engineering teams can achieve comprehensive insight into the wellbeing and effectiveness of IT-services, allowing for expedited resolution of production and security issues. Furthermore, filtering out extraneous data can decrease expenses for data retention.