Case studies

NXLog enables autonomous security log collection for QNB Finansbank

Along with healthcare, the financial industry sits at the top of the list with an average cost of USD $5.90 million per data breach, while the mean time to identify and contain breaches reached 277 days. It’s worth mentioning that breaches identified by an organization’s own security teams and tools are significantly less expensive, costing nearly USD $1 million less than incidents disclosed by the attacking parties. To decrease the mean time to detecting a breach, implementing security log management is a must.

“The whole log collection pipeline becomes powerful and easy to maintain with NXLog. We appreciate NXLog’s configurability and its advanced log processing engine. It allows us to filter out up to 80% of the events right on the endpoints and feed security systems with only those data that make sense for security operations,” says Ahmet Uygut, Expert Architect, Ibtech-Security Incident Management And Monitoring.