A Sumo Logic Installed Connector alternative

Discover a superior log collection substitute for Sumo Logic Installed Connector with NXLog Enterprise Edition

NXLog Enterprise Edition

  • Integrates with any SIEM including Solarwinds Loggly
  • Outstanding log collection capabilities from Windows, Linux, macOS, and more
  • Fast, secure, and reliable

NXLog offers a single, fully-featured log collection solution and is a perfect replacement for Sumo Logic Installed Connector.

Flexible log processing with lower cost

NXLog Enterprise Edition provides unmatched filtering and parsing capabilities, allowing you to rewrite and enrich logs, and output in any format, including syslog that Sumo Logic ingests. With NXLog, you can selectively trim event data rather than drop entire events and have complete control over the output format. Sumo Logic charges per ingested byte, so filtering logs at the source means you minimize the volume of log data ingested, ultimately reducing your costs.

Flexible Log Processing With Lower Cost Web

Parse and transform logs from any source

Sumo Logic Installed Collectors are designed to only work with standard log formats primarily stored in flat files, making processing data from unsupported log sources and formats impossible. On the other hand, NXLog Enterprise Edition can parse and transform logs from and to different formats, including JSON, XML, and syslog, just to mention a few. Additionally, NXLog supports processing logs with custom applications and external scripts such as Go, Java, Perl, Python, and Ruby, extending its capabilities even further.

Parse And Transform Logs From Any Source Web

Powerful, configurable, and scalable

The Sumo Logic Installed Collector is a Java-based agent that requires substantial system resources. NXLog Enterprise Edition is a powerful log collection agent with a small footprint. Using a simple configuration language, you can easily set up and deploy our agent in your enterprise environment. Ingest and output logs in BSD syslog, IETF syslog, JSON, XML, and many other formats to easily integrate with your SIEM or log storage solution. Whether enriching your logs with additional data or filtering unneeded logs out of your environment, NXLog scales to meet the demands of your organization.

Powerful Configurable And Scalable Web

The ultimate Windows log collector

Sumo Logic Installed Collector does not support collecting events in the older Microsoft Windows Event Log format. NXLog, on the other hand, explicitly supports the Windows XP/2000/2003 event log format through its im_mseventlog input module, and can be installed on systems running older Microsoft Windows releases. Furthermore, NXLog Enterprise Edition collects logs from all Windows event sources, including ETW providers, and NXLog’s native Windows modules enable you to easily collect, filter, and normalize all your Windows logs.

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