A Graylog Forwarder Alternative

Discover a superior log shipper for Graylog

NXLog Enterprise Edition

  • Integrates with any SIEM, including Graylog Open Source and Graylog Enterprise
  • Outstanding log collection capabilities from Windows, Linux, macOS, and more
  • Fast, secure, and reliable

From its inception, NXLog was built as an efficient, multi-platform log collector. Check out the reasons we believe our feature-packed solution is an excellent alternative to the Graylog Forwarder.

One agent for all your log collection needs

Graylog Forwarder can only act as a relay, receiving and forwarding logs to Graylog. You then need to install different log collectors according to your log sources. On the other hand, whether you want to forward logs to Graylog directly from the source or a relay server, NXLog can do it all. What's more, NXLog speaks GELF, so it can output any type of log in a format that Graylog understands.

Single Agent Installation Web

An efficient, fail-safe log forwarding solution

The NXLog agent is lightweight and, unlike the Graylog Forwarder, does not require Java. Additionally, with support for load balancing, high availability, and several caching mechanisms, you can have your mind at rest that your logs are safe in case of system failure or network outage.

An Efficient Fail Safe Log Forwarding Web

Quality logs at a reduced cost

NXLog provides unmatched filtering and parsing capabilities, and allows you to rewrite and enrich logs.
For example, trim unnecessary event data or normalize your logs to a common event schema. Filtering logs at the source means you minimize the volume of log data ingested by Graylog, reducing operational costs for Graylog Enterprise, which is priced by log data volume ingestion.

Enhance The Quality Of Your Logs Web

Do not get vendor-locked

IT environments are continuously evolving. So what happens when you need to send logs to another platform or start using a different SIEM solution? Unlike Graylog Forwarder, NXLog is platform-independent. It can integrate with any SIEM and multicast logs in different formats. For example, forward logs to Graylog in GELF while simultaneously archiving raw events to low-cost storage.

Do Not Get Vendor Locked Web

Reliability and efficiency

  • A lightweight agent with a low memory footprint
  • Blazingly fast and scalable, with enterprise-grade EPS rate
  • Failover support, message buffering, and memory and disk-based queues

Compression and security

  • Encrypted data transfer with TLS/SSL
  • Compression over the wire to reduce network bandwidth
  • Protection of data at rest

ICS/SCADA support

  • Dedicated module for capturing network traffic
  • Specialized parsing for ICS protocols, including MODBUS, PROFINET, and BACNET
  • Supports top vendors such as Schneider Electric, Siemens, and Yokogawa