An alternative to Elastic Beats

Discover why NXLog beats Elastic Beats

NXLog Enterprise Edition

  • Seamless integration with literally any SIEM, including Elasticsearch and Elastic Cloud.
  • Outstanding log collection capabilities from Windows, Linux, macOS, and more
  • Fast, secure, and reliable

NXLog offers a single, fully-featured agent for collecting, processing, and forwarding any type of log to Elasticsearch and Elastic Cloud.

Single-agent installation

For data shipping with the Beats family, you will need seven different log shippers to collect various types of data and send them to Elasticsearch. On the other hand, a single NXLog agent installation can collect, process, and forward any type of logs to Elasticsearch and Elastic Cloud. Yes, that’s one vs. seven agent installations.

Single Agent Installation Web

The ultimate Windows log collector

While Winlogbeat only collects logs from Windows Event Log, NXLog collects logs from all Windows event sources including ETW providers. With NXLog’s native Windows modules you can easily collect, filter, and normalize your logs at the source, reducing the noise before ingestion, and ultimately saving you money.

The Ultimate Windows Log Collector Web

Native Elasticsearch support

NXLog comes with a dedicated module for forwarding logs to Elasticsearch and Elastic Cloud, featuring dynamic indexing and bulk data processing. Sending logs in batches reduces the latency caused by HTTP responses and improves performance, which ultimately increases ingestion speed.

Native Elasticsearch Support Web

Reliability and efficiency

  • A lightweight agent with a low memory footprint
  • Blazingly fast and scalable, with enterprise-grade EPS rate
  • Failover support, message buffering, and memory and disk-based queues

Compression and security

  • Encrypted data transfer with TLS/SSL
  • Compression over the wire to reduce network bandwidth
  • Protection of data at rest

ICS/SCADA support

  • Dedicated module for capturing network traffic
  • Specialized parsing for ICS protocols, including MODBUS, PROFINET, and BACNET
  • Supports top vendors such as Schneider Electric, Siemens, and Yokogawa