I'm not sure it's causing a problem, but consistently nxlog will crash on Windows when making a call to stop the nxlog service with error "System Error 109 has occurred. The pipe has ended."

I'd like to fix this if anyone knows of a way.

AskedMarch 18, 2022 - 6:30pm

Answers (3)

I am having this same issue since I have updated to nxlog-ce-3.0.2272.
If you clear the configcache.dat it shutdown cleanly, however when the .dat file gets created again the problem comes back.
To my knowledge the .dat file is needed to remember the log position when reading from the event logs.

Setting CacheFlushInterval is not supported in the CE edition, so kind of stuck with a corrupted configcache.dat and cannot have the CE edition remember the log position.

Hopefully there is a fix on the horizon, I went back to nxlog-ce-2.11.2190 and the issue doesn't happen on that version.

Hello Sir,

Need to inform that NXLog Community Edition 3.0.2284 is now available on the download page.

This is a minimal hotfix release addressing two critical bugs community users reported against the released NXLog CE 3.0 Windows build:

If needed attaching the news link

Sincerely Klevin