So we are currently running Community Edition version 2.10.2150 and we're trying to upgrade to the latest version of Community Edition. Does anything need to be done with the config files we have in place? Or will they remain intact since we're going from community -> community and not community -> enterprise.

Also do you know if this type of upgrade is going to require a reboot? (servers)

AskedJanuary 13, 2022 - 9:17pm

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It's always better to backup your conf files - just for your own safety.

And it shouldn't be necessary to restart your machine - all you'd need is to stop the process, uninstall the older version, install new, check conf files and start the service again.

Good luck!

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    Hi Raf,

    Thanks for the reply.

    You said we would need to actually uninstall the old version? I know that would be the process when going from Community to Enterprise, but I thought the NXlog user-guide showed that when upgrading to the latest version of Community, you would just need to run the MSI and it would detect the previous install and upgrade. Is that not true?

    Thanks again,