I have logs that I need to collect with NxLog, these logs are in a .log file that has a name format [YYYY]_[MM]_[DD].request.log
The log file name changes every day and if the logs roll over during the day they will be named with .request#.log

I need to capture [YYYY]-[MM]_[DD].request.log for the current date

For example today is Nov 18 2021 and I have these files

I would need to read 2021_11_18.request.log and ignore the rest

And tomorrow (Nov 19) I would need to read 2021_11_19.request.log

I already know how to read log files and send them to my syslog collector, my question is how can I get NxLog to only read the log from the current day?

AskedNovember 19, 2021 - 2:36am

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