Can we relocate the directory structure to our preferred folder while configuring nxlog like below

/opt ---> /<ouruser>/opt

What are the changes we need to do if we want to do that ?

I changed the /<ouruser>/nxlog/etc/init file to point to new folder
ALSO nxlog.conf --- path also .

but Got error as "Could not load program <ouruser>/nxlog/bin/nxlog : Dependent module libnx.so could not be loaded "

AskedApril 22, 2021 - 7:23am

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Have you followed to NXLog change location guide?

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    Did the changes in nxlog.conf
    But one of steps in the above link shows to modify rpath
    Tried with command given in the link. As am trying in AIX server , chrpath and patchelf are not working
    Tried as below as well
    db2chglibpath --search=<oldpath> --replace=<newpath> <folderwith/myuserfolder/opt/nxlog/lib
    Which showed command doesnt exists

    Please let me know anythng wrong with the command line