I'm working on a heavy log source which can only send syslog. Now currently i also have filters in the config to remove unwanted logs. I've noticed that some logs are successfully being processed whilst others are lost.

Through packet capture I was able to conclude that from log source to nxlog server udp packets are all being received. Seems like nxlog (config) can’t handle the large amount of syslog UDP messages coming in.

 <Extension _syslog>
    Module      xm_syslog
<Input x_sys_in>
    Module      im_udp
    Port        514
        if (($Message =~ /dstip=x\.x\.x\.(?:[0-9]+){1,255} dstport=(?:12|5)3/) #DNS & NTP from x.x.x.x
             or ($Message =~ /dstip=x\.x\.x\.(?:[0-9]+){1,255} dstport=(?:12|5)3/) #DNS & NTP from x.x.x.x
             or ($Message =~ /srcip=[\d.]+ srcport=\d+ srcintf="x" srcintfrole=".+" dstip=[\d.]+ dstport=16[12]/) #x from x Range
             or ($Message =~ /srcip=[\d.]+ srcport=\d+ srcintf=".+" srcintfrole=".+" dstip=[\d.]+ dstport=16[12] dstintf="x"/) #
             #.... more filters
<Output x_sys_out>
    Module      om_udp
    Host        x.x.x.x
    Port        514
    Exec        to_syslog_bsd();
<Route x>
    Path        x_sys_in => x_sys_out

NOTE: I tried already to remove the filter as i initally thought that the filter was mistakenly filtering out unwanted logs, but it wasn't the case.

Is this a license problem? can i increase log capacity intake from nxlog?

AskedFebruary 18, 2021 - 3:01pm

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