I would like to write logs out to a message queue such as kafka or redis or rabbitmq etc. Is there a road map for that? Alternately would a workaround such as writing out in JSON format to a om_tcp destination work?

Can I also track the state of a tcp connection and send output to an alternate destination? I could write an external shell that would track the nxlog.log for "connection lost/made" and decision off that but I suspect that would be very expensive.



AskedFebruary 13, 2015 - 3:50pm

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Have you seen the kafka module ?

Redis and zeromq are on the roadmap, but can't tell when these will come.

For HA you might want to use a load balancer. Failover mode is also planned but the case is the same as for the above.

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    That is interesting! I will certiainly follow that. Unfortunately it does not compile for windows as yet and that takes out a big bite ( > 85%) of my target agents.

    Thanks for the response. I am exploring zenlb for load balancing.