I have a scenario, where NXLog (CE) collects log events on Windows Server 2012R2 using im_msvistalog and sends messages to a syslog server. The system has a rather unconventional language and locale setting: The location and locale are german (germany), but the language preference is set to English (US). All software installed / running generates GUI and messages in english, as expected.

However, NXLog / im_msvistalog doesen't seem to decide output language based on language preference but on local formats setting instead and therefore sends the messages in german.

I suppose this is a bug, as NXLog (CE) is the only software presenting anything in english on those systems. Or is there anything I can do to correct that?

AskedMay 4, 2020 - 3:04pm

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Dirk, I think in CE the system’s default locale is used.
There is a "Language" parameter in im_msvistalog in EE, but it is not present in CE.

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    thanks for the comment. I'm aware of the "Language" parameter in im_msvistalog in EE and I can also see scenarios for that (having NXlog collect logs on multiple different language Clients and sending then in one standard language).

    However, "Locale" is not "Language", and every other software uses the windows language preference for language selection. Why doesn't NXLog CE?