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Does Nxlog Enterprise has the possibility to request a table in order to convert some field ?

Like EventID 4624 on Windows and replace LogonType ID to a more readable string:

"2": "Interactive",
"3": "Network",
"4": "Batch",
"5": "Service",
"7": "Unlock",
"8": "NetworkCleartext",
"9": "NewCredentials",
"10": "RemoteInteractive",
"11": "CachedInteractive",

AskedFebruary 14, 2020 - 5:04pm

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It's possible but you will need to write this table in your config.
We have im_msvistalog input module, it parses incoming messages and adding additional fields like $LogonType.
With it you could use simple if-else statement to check, what is this type, and add a new field or change already existing, depends on your needs. Something like this:

    if $LogonType == 2 $NewMessage = "Interactive";
    else if $LogonType == 3 $NewMessage = "Network";
    else if $LogonType == 4 $NewMessage = "Batch";
    else if $LogonType == 5 $NewMessage = "Service";

Also you can parse the entire $raw_message using regex but it will take much more resources and I'm not is this makes any sense.
Let us know if this was useful you.

Best regards, Arch

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