How can we rename nxlog package ? while we are placing both the rpm into spacewalk channel these are updating as “nxlog-ce-2.10.2150-1.x86_64.rpm” .So it's making a duplicate,So i hope renaming the rpm name will help us. Any help will be appreciated on this.



AskedFebruary 11, 2020 - 3:38pm

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I believe you can use the rpmrebuild tool to update the Release field.
Maybe into 1.rhel6and 1.rhel7 or similar.

Please see the following link for an example in action:

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    I'm just trying to figure out why you want to rename the package. What is exactly the purpose of doing so? The two packages install same-named files in the same directory locations, so renaming the package will only serve to confuse. So, for example, in this case, we know that both rpms install as package named: nxlog-ce-2.10.2150-1.x86_64 . Let's say that you first installed the rpm6 file, and subsequently installed the modified rpm7* that installs as **nxlog_RPM7 . Provided that rpm will allow you to do the install, you'd have a situation where you think that you have both installed, but in reality, you only have the rpm7 files installed.

    In any case, I come back to my question of why you want to rename the package in the first place.