I can't get NXlog to read hidden files in Windows server 2012 R2. The source files are in this hidden folder: C:\ProgramData\. There are no errors in the log file even if i put the debug mode on. I've double checked the path in input module and it is correct. The NXLog version is 4.4.4347. I also tried to look at Windows logs but no sign of problems there either. Any ideas on what to look next?

AskedDecember 16, 2019 - 6:46am

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I ran a quick test on nxlog-4.6.4640 and was able to view files inside hidden directories (including C:\ProgramData) just fine.
If the file is not updated once NXLog starts, you will need to add ReadFromLast and SavePos directives as False so that the full file is read.

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    Yep. I found the cause of this problem and it is that the software that produces the logs, keeps adding an empty line to the log file end and so NXLog thinks that there aren't new log in the file. I don't think you can handle that sort of situation in the NXLog?