Hello! First time nxlog user here.

Looking at the docs:


It would seem to indicate the availability of a ProxyAddress directive but when I populate the nxlog.conf file with one, I receive an error that the ProxyAddress keyword is invalid:

2019-08-27 17:34:40 ERROR invalid keyword: ProxyAddress at C:\Program Files (x86)\nxlog\conf\nxlog.conf:91
2019-08-27 17:34:40 ERROR module 'http' has configuration errors, not adding to route '1' at C:\Program Files (x86)\nxlog\conf\nxlog.conf:96
2019-08-27 17:34:40 WARNING not starting unused module http
2019-08-27 17:34:40 INFO nxlog-ce-2.10.2150 started

Can anyone point me in the right direction on this one?

Much appreciated!!!


AskedAugust 27, 2019 - 11:58pm

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The problem you are seeing is the directive exists in the NXLog EE product, but not in the NXLog CE product.
For directives in CE, use the reference manual: https://nxlog.co/docs/nxlog-ce/nxlog-reference-manual.html#om_http

Hopefully this clears up the confusion.

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