if I start nxlog manul from the command line like

/opt/nxlog/bin/nxlog -c      # RedHat7

everything works fine ; it reads the input logs from the positions when stopped. if I start it as service

systemctl start nxlog

then it ignores all the records of the input logs written while it was stopped. at my input definitions I have

SavePos          TRUE
ReadFromLast     TRUE

any help is welcomed, thanks, G. Bouras

AskedJune 21, 2019 - 11:19am

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It will only remember the last positions if it was able to save it in configcache.dat file when you stop it. Can you check that this file is created on shutdown?

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    Yes the file


    is created, at

    systemctl stop nxlog

    but I do not know if the offsets there are updated as should. the service is started as root ( the command also) The same behavior on different redhat / centos boxes It is the nxlog EE ( registered) I have tried numerous


    variations without success

    my input

    # Linux log files
    $source_env    = 'dev';
    $source_server = hostname_fqdn();
    $source_ip     = host_ip();
    if $raw_event  =~/^\s*$/ { drop(); }
    if $raw_event  =~/^\s*#/ { drop(); }
    if file_name() =~/([^\/]+)$/ {$logfile=$1;}
    rename_field('SourceModuleName'  , 'source_type');
    rename_field('EventReceivedTime' , 'timestamp_collect'); 
    Module           im_file
    InputType        LineBased
    SavePos          TRUE
    ReadFromLast     TRUE
    Recursive        FALSE
    RenameCheck      FALSE
    PollInterval     1
    ActiveFiles      15
    DirCheckInterval 180
    File '/var/log/messages'
    File '/var/log/secure'
    File '/var/log/audit/audit.log'
    File '/var/log/dmesg'
    File '/var/log/boot.log'
    File '/var/log/yum.log'
    File '/var/log/tuned/tuned.log'
    File '/var/log/cron'
    File '/var/log/spooler'
    File '/var/log/maillog'

    Thanks, G. Bouras

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    I tried your "magical" work around and worked , thanks !
    I wonder if this directive produce such faulty behavior, why it was there at the first place.