I'm working on monitoring a log file using nxlog. I have the File set to "C:\\Program Files\\test1.log" but it's saying that the "input file does not exist". I tried running a python script to check the file using the os module

import os

test = os.listdir('C:\\Program Files\\test1.log')

This will return an error "FileNotFoundError: The system cannot find the path specified"

I noticed that this error has been encountered before but none of the solutions I tried work.

any help is much appreciated.


AskedSeptember 24, 2018 - 6:50pm

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If both NXLog and python tells you that the file is not there then you should better believe it. :)

Note that "\t" is a TAB and '\t' is what it looks. Perhaps this causing the issues.

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    Thanks for the response.

    I tried changing the name of the sample log file but no luck. I'm testing this on AWS Windows Image, logged in as Admin. Weird that even python cannot locate the file. I tried changing the location of the file from Program Files to the Users/Administrator/Documents, still no luck.