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Unfortunately, there is currently not a way to customize the timeout and retry values.

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  • Wisnu Sudarmadi's picture

    Hi Zhengshi,

    I have read the source code in linux source code,
    The timeout setting is set 10 second in the source code.
    I need to change the value because I install the agent on remote system (windows) that using slow network.
    Is there any way to request the custom .dll or source code of om_http in windows?


  • Zhengshi's picture

    We normally don't do Professional Services with the CE product, but I think you have some options anyway.

    1. Setup a Linux host running a modified CE to communicate with the slow network using om_http.
    2. Setup an http proxy in front to communicate to the slow network.

    Both take some effort and a little cost, so you would need to weigh your options.

    or source code of om_http in windows?

    Unfortunately we do not offer the source code in Windows any longer. Please see the following post.