New to nxlog i don't even know where to search for that kind of needs...

SFB is a Microsoft UC client with several hundred Mo logs per day. I need to extract only a few information between strings for each PC.
How can i achieve that ??

For Exp i need to extract this spécific info between those delimiters : <v3:Density>0.004195841</v3:Density>

Thanks for any help.

AskedJune 11, 2018 - 3:32pm

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Regex is your friend! There are many places in the manual that show this kind of work. Here for instance.

In this example we are rewriting the entire parsed $message with the results of what is between those tags. Capture groups are there so we can address them directly and only take what we want.

    if $raw_event =~ /(\<v3\:Density\>)(.*)(\<\/v3\:Density\>)/
        $message = $2;

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    Thanks a lot, I'll try this.

    Another goal is to have the output in Json format, but don't know how the to_json() function works.
    => If i just export the result of the regex through it, will it be OK ??

    Thanks again

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    Please see the following link. There are also several examples in the User Guide.