Two questions, I am attempting to install the nxlog-ce via powershell and the process hangs at the accept eula screen and also it seems the way to install requires copying over the default configuration file after install.


- Is there a flag I can pass to accept the eula?

- Is there a way to pass the path to the config file at install to automatically overwrite the config at installation time without stop/starting the process?


i.e. nxlog.msi /accepteula /install /quiet/ /conf=\\path\to\conf


So to add, if I do:

msiexec /i nxlog.msi /quiet

It will install quietly, but if I launch it with Start-Process msiexec -ArguementList "/i nxlog.msi /quiet", it will still launch the EULA splash again. So, not sure if that is a bug in PowerShell, but would still like to pass the config file at installation without having to overwrite it.

AskedJanuary 26, 2017 - 3:30pm

Answer (1)

See the comment in this post. I think the arguments are not properly passed form powershell's Start-Process.

It's not possible to specify a config file, you will need to replace/edit the default config after installation.