using om_tcp is there a way to define a sequence of destination IP's such that the list is used in sequence if 1st IP fails to complete 3-way handshake, and then re-check the 1st IP to see if it came back.

simple scenario, admin reboots dest IP #1, or the FW admin deletes a FW rule thus blocking IP #1, NXlog could recognize IP #1 is down and then send to IP #2 in the list.

in general, its a failover mechanism. can it be done?

AskedSeptember 8, 2016 - 6:35am

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There is no built-in failover support yet. You can do this with third party load balancer tools.

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    it would be extremely beneficial to bake in this functionality, because adding HA LB devices is $k worth of investment, having it built right into the agent would be oustanding. its a simply piece of code to check if a device is "up" using tcp and/or icmp, etc.